About Us

A little bit travel, a little bit beer, a whole lot of fun!

The miles help us travel, allowing us to see new places, meet amazing people, and have outstanding experiences all over the world. The pints keep us refreshed wherever we go, the more local the beer, the better.

A few years ago, we were sitting at a brewery having a conversation with some friends after a travel conference. We talked about the places we had been, our favorite craft breweries, and how much we enjoyed trying new beers on our travels.

That day, we finally realized the connection between travel and beer. Travelers love beer. They seek out small breweries wherever they are. Many people even travel to specific locations to find new beers and breweries. Beer lovers want to travel. They want to see new places and taste new beers. The number of beer loving travelers is huge.

Soon after that tipsy afternoon, we firmed up with the idea. Not just a travel blog, not just a beer podcast, but a combination of the two. People love both travel and beer, so why couldn’t we talk about both at the same time?

And just like that, Miles & Pints was born. It took a few years until we could put a full-time effort into this, but now that we’re doing it, we are growing quickly. With listeners in 46 states and over 30 countries, Miles & Pints is bringing travel and beer content to people all over the world.

Come along with us as we explore two of our passions, and be sure to tell your friends. We know there are a ton of people out there who are passionate about travel and beer and we want to reach them all.

Click the buttons below to see what we do here, read our mission, and meet our fabulous team. While you’re at it, tell your friends and family about what we have going on so they can enjoy it too.

Most importantly, get out there and see the world. Travel as much as you can, try some local beers, and maybe someday we’ll see you in the taproom.