What We Do

Miles & Pints is, at its heart, a multi-media content creation company with an overall goal of connecting consumers with the businesses and destinations that will make them happy. It’s simple.

Travel + Beer —-> People Who Love Them

How do we do that? Well, here on the website we have a podcast and a blog, both of which we will describe in more detail below. Elsewhere, we have a variety of social media accounts that you are welcome and encouraged to follow and interact with.

We sometimes work with breweries, brands, and destinations directly to show you what they have to offer. Be assured, whenever this happens, we will be sure to disclose that it’s a partnership or sponsored post. We will also only work with brands and destinations that we believe in. Only the best for our listeners and readers.

The Travel and Beer Podcast

Our podcast episodes come in a few different styles. Sometimes, you can listen in as we talk to the owners and brewers at the small breweries we discover both at home and throughout our travels. We’ll find out what keeps each brewery running, what makes it unique in this ever-expanding industry, and how it grew into what it is today,

In addition to our brewery episodes, the podcast will also include interviews with interesting people who are making their mark in either the travel or beer spaces. You’ll hear from bloggers, podcasters, influencers, digital nomads, and really, anyone who is a huge fan of travel, beer, or both.

We’ll learn about favorite beers and breweries, personal travel styles, how people got involved in the travel and beer industries, amazing locations for travel, the best spots on earth to find great beers, and more. You never know where the conversations will take us.

Finally, we will do our best to keep you updated with all of the changes, promos, deals, and announcements in the travel rewards, credit card, and travel spaces. Often, these updates will be a short segment at the end of the podcast episodes, but when there is a lot to talk about, we may do a full episode of updates. We call those episodes Miles and Points with Pints.

The Blog

Our blog is less of a focus than our podcast and social channels, so it won’t be growing quite as quickly as the other parts of our site. We did want to make sure we had a place to provide further details for the breweries we visit, trips we take, and places we travel though, so pay attention there for the occasional new post.

In our blog, we’ll get into a little more of the details of our travels and brewery visits. Not only will we tell you about the places that we visit, but we will also share how we got there, including how we planned and booked the trips.

You’ll see what miles or points we used to book our flights and lodging, our overall impressions of each spot, and any outstanding photos that we shot while there. To help with your future trip planning, we’ll even share our recommendations for things to see and do when you visit. Of course, we won’t leave out the best places to find amazing food and drinks in each location.

The blog will also be the spot where we add major announcements of updates and partnerships, along with any other random knowledge or photos that we want to pass along.

If you’re like us and you love both travel and beer, then this is the perfect place for you. Listen to the podcast, read the posts, and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any new content. Make sure to follow us on social too, so you can get all the rest of the travel and beer content we’re putting out.

Keep an eye out for our stickers at the breweries that you visit. We slap one on the wall wherever they will let us. Also, be on the lookout for people sporting Miles & Pints gear. When you find one, you’re sure to have some great travel and beer conversations and probably a new friend too.

Who knows, as long as we all keep traveling and drinking at small breweries along the way, maybe someday we’ll even see you in the taproom ourselves.