Press / Media

Press and media inquiries can be easily submitted using our Contact page. Alternately, you may connect with us directly via email by sending a message to

We are available for interviews and consultation on a variety of topics. Interviews can be remote or in-person, live or recorded, and can be done via writing, audio, or video.

Available topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Travel
    • Solo, Couple, Family, or Group Travel
    • Budget/Frugal or Luxury Travel
    • Domestic or International Travel
    • Travel for Special Events
    • Adventure Travel
  • Beer
    • Local Breweries
    • Visiting Breweries While Traveling
    • Craft Beer Culture
    • Craft Beer Styles and Trends
    • Top Beer Destinations
    • Top Small Breweries
  • Award Travel
    • Hotel and Airline Loyalty Programs
    • Credit Cards and Credit Card Rewards
    • Searching and Booking Award Flights and Hotels
    • Earning Points and Miles

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