Episode 6: Caroline Lupini

Today’s Guest:

I first met Caroline Lupini back in 2013 at a miles and points centered travel conference. Since that time, she’s graduated from college, got her MBA, and launched a successful freelance career that she can do from anywhere in the world. That’s something that Caroline definitely takes advantage of. In fact, as of the recording of this episode, she’s now been to over 80 countries. We’ve traveled together a couple of times and I’m sure we will again, so I’m happy to introduce you to my fantastic friend Caroline.


Times of Note:

2:12 – Caroline says hi!

7:36 – The discovery of travel hacking.

9:16 – Study for finals? Nah…

15:00 – Keep your food expenses under control.

16:52 – Find out Caroline’s country count.

21:16 – A great way to look at travel.

25:39 – How does Caroline get so much vacation time?

28:56 – I learn about a new island hopper flight.

32:19 – Caroline’s plan for seeing Machu Picchu.

38:19 – How beer fits with Caroline’s travels.

45:23 – What Caroline loves about travel.

Fun Fact: Caroline and I tried fermented shark together in Iceland.

50:50 – Where to find Caroline online.

54:01 – The Miles and Pints Theme Song


Relevant Links:

Instagram: caroline.lupini

Facebook: facebook.com/carolinelupini

Twitter: @carolinelupini

Website: CarolineLupini.com


Elephant Jumps Thai Restaurant

The WiFi Tribe

Turn Right at Machu Picchu by Mark Adams

Old Ox Brewery

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