Episode 1: Kevin Powers of Powers Farm and Brewery

Today’s Guest:

Kevin Powers – Kevin is one half of the powerhouse duo operating the Powers Farm and Brewery in Midland, Virginia. Along with his wife Melody, Kevin has been serving the Fauquier County community with produce and beer since 2017. Many of their beers are inspired by the fruits, vegetables, grains, and herbs that come straight from their fields. If you are looking for a beer with a subtle flavor that you may not have seen before, this is the place for you.


Times of Note:

2:14 – Kevin says hello.

4:52 – I realize that Kevin and I have quite a few connections.

7:42 – First really big wind gust. (it ends, I promise)

11:30 – Kevin talks about using fresh ingredients from the farm.

15:17 – Farmers with food trucks – super fresh!

20:35 – Kevin reveals his favorite beer – or does he?

23:04 – We invent the “Do I Like It?” scale for evaluating beers.

23:57 – The sadness of dumping beer.

25:25 – Kevin’s favorite spots he’s traveled for beer.

28:16 – I didn’t plan to Drink and Drive – Really, I had a multiple hour stop planned.

29:13 – Kevin’s take on why so many brewers have beards.

33:04 – Miles and Pints – the song!


Brewery Address:

Powers Farm and Brewery

9269 Redemption Way

Midland, VA 22728


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