Episode 2: Levi Grubb – World Traveler and Homebrewer

Today’s Guest:

Levi Grubb – Levi is a world traveler who has recently started homebrewing. He didn’t start slow though. In just a couple of months, he already has a few beers finished and six more fermenting. He somehow finds time to brew between his family time and travels, even though his wife just had their fourth child in January. Levi’s taken his family all over the world, makes some great beers while he’s home, and still works a full-time job. Listen to our conversation to see how he makes time for it all.


Times of Note:

1:41 – Levi says hi.

2:12 – Getting started with homebrewing.

3:49 – We invent Nap Time Beer!

9:48 – 39 Countries (40 by the time this is posted).

10:46 – Tips about making changes on American Airlines award flights.

13:47 – United Business Class makes us sad.

18:48 – We talk about being in Sydney for NYE.

22:50 – Levi’s strategy for trying new beers while traveling.

26:15 – Our Podcast Song.


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