Episode 3: Mike Frizzell from Audacious Aleworks Brewery and Taproom

Today’s Guest:

Mike Frizzell – Mike is one of the two partners who own and operate Audacious Aleworks Brewery and Taproom in Falls Church, Virginia. While his business partner Brian handles most of the taproom responsibilities, Mike takes care of the beer. He is the Head Brewer and is tasked with consistently having 15-20 different beers available on tap. With a wide range of styles, there are sure to be at least a few you will love at Audacious Aleworks. They don’t distribute, so if you want to try their delicious brews, you’ll have to stop by the taproom.


Times of Note:

1:11 – Our episode release schedule.

2:12 – Mike says hello.

3:30 – Someday we’ll get those sound panels up.

6:42 – Audacious Aleworks opens!

10:44 – Food in the taproom.

13:32 – What’s different about Audacious Aleworks?

15:57 – Mixed beers?

20:03 – No brewing while we’re open.

23:45 – Preview of episodes to come.

28:22 – Brewer’s and owner’s favorites!

31:09 – Mike’s take on the “craft beer bubble.”

37:43 – Mike realizes he was near Social Kitchen

40:13 – Gin Basil Smash – Why can’t I get one in the US?

43:20 – Friendly or Buzzed?

47:15 – Wrap Up

48:23 – The Miles and Pints Theme Song


Brewery Address:

Audacious Aleworks Brewery and Taproom

110 East Fairfax Street

Falls Church, Virginia 22046


Relevant Links:

Audacious Aleworks Brewery and Taproom

Audacious Aleworks on Facebook

Audacious Aleworks on Twitter

Audacious Aleworks on Instagram


Social Kitchen and Brewery – San Francisco, CA

Le Lion – Bar de Paris – Hamburg, Germany

Foam Brewers – Burlington, VT

Mad Fritz Beer – Napa, CA

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