Episode 21: Charles McCool from McCool Travel

Today’s Guest: Charles McCool from McCool Travel

Charles McCool has been hacking travel for over 20 years and he’s learned a thing or two about how to have a fun and relaxing vacation. Through his writing, speaking, and excellent storytelling, Charles shows people how to improve their lives through travel and shows us some of the amazing places we should all see. 


If you enjoy this episode, be sure to come back next week for the second half of our interview with Charles McCool, where we learn about his personal travel style, hear some of his top spots for a great trip, and get a glimpse of where he likes to grab a beer while away from home.


Make sure you stick around for our Miles and Points with Pints segment too, where we give you all the week’s updates on credit cards, hotels, airlines, and general travel. You’ll find it at the end of the episode every week from now on.

Times of Note:

2:25 – Charles says hi.

2:45 – What we’re drinking.

6:30 – The early life of Charles McCool.

9:43 – Charles wrote a book about travel before we even heard about miles and points.

10:23 – Worst timing ever…

12:50 – How McCool Travel got started and what it is today.

13:51 – The Travel Happiness Expert.

17:32 – Are Derrick and Jeff doing the opposite of Charles?

19:51 – What a great license plate.

21:23 – Will I get my rental car on Saturday with no issues?

27:34 – Working with destinations and brands.

31:30 – Two great points for travel bloggers and influencers.

36:17 – Charles’ better half is a travel writer too.

41:20 – Charles had an interesting experience on his first few press trips.

43:20 – The personal travel style of Charles McCool…

                         Find out this and more on our next episode!

44:18 – Miles and Points with Pints weekly updates.

45:18 – Updates from Chase.

49:08 – Great News! – These started posting between recording and release.

51:20 – Amex credits are starting to post.

52:17 – Jeff didn’t do his homework.

52:56 – No updates on Brex approvals, but a word of caution from Derrick.

58:59 – DO NOT link your Brex and Chase accounts.

1:02:35 – Some quick airline and general travel updates.

1:05:31 – The Miles & Pints Theme Song

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      April 1, 2021

      So great to have you on the show! Happy travels!

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