Episode 8: An Intro To Our New Co-Host – Derrick Dye

Today’s Guest:

The guest on today’s episode is more than just a guest, he’s the new co-host of the Miles & Pints Podcast.

Derrick Dye is well known in the travel world as the founder of Travel of Point(s). They have a great site and a friendly Facebook group, both of which will help you learn how to maximize your use of travel rewards programs. To those of us who know him personally, Derrick is also known as a great guy to have a pint with. It’s hard to say which he likes better, but it’s easy to see that Derrick’s love of both travel and beer makes him a perfect addition to the show. 


Times of Note:

0:35 – Our new co-host is introduced!

2:19 – Learn about Derrick’s background.

2:55 – Travel on Point(s)

11:05 – We start talking about travel.

17:14 – Hear about our terrible timing and how the world shut down.

19:21 – Saying goodbye to a couple of amazing trips.

24:31 – Is Jeff crazy for booking this return from Europe?

25:27 – Our planned travel for the rest of the year.

28:23 – What we’re drinking.

33:55 – An ode to Sam Adams.

35:16 – Most recently visited brewery – Jeff.

37:19 – Most recently visited breweries – Derrick.

41:41 – What to expect from the Miles & Pints Podcast. 

45:12 – The Miles and Pints Theme Song!


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