Episode 11: Andrew Brooks from Talking Cursive Brewing Company

Today’s Guest: Andrew Brooks

Andrew Brooks is the owner and operator of Talking Cursive Brewing Company in Syracuse, New York. Along with his wife, Andrew has built a beautiful tasting room, an efficient state of the art brewhouse, and a successful business that will surely be around for a long time. Having taken the past year’s slow down of in-person business as an opportunity to increase their distribution network, Andrew and the team at Talking Cursive are ready to grow by leaps and bounds as the economy picks back up and customers return to the tasting room.  


Times of Note:

2:05 – Andrew says hi.

4:00 – How the idea for Talking Cursive came about.

6:23 – The process of opening a brewery in Syracuse, NY.

8:51 – The craft beer scene in the Syracuse area.

12:30 – The inspiration for Talking Cursive beer names.

16:22 – Talking Cursive is a great stop around Syracuse University events.

17:30 – It is 1.5 miles walking…since Andrew didn’t know.

19:04 – Why Talking Cursive stands out.

25:33 – What I’m Drinking at Talking Cursive.

28:17 – Jeff predicts a new IPA trend.

29:23 – The effects of Covid on production.

38:12 – Not all foods travel well. 

41:33 – Where Talking Cursive beer is distributed.

45:51 – Just Keep Swimming! – Making changes that make sense.

49:00 – Andrew’s favorite spots to travel for beer.

50:11 – How Talking Cursive was named.

53:18 – What’s coming up at Talking Cursive.

54:50 – Where to find Talking Cursive online and in person.

56:08 – Derrick and Jeff sum things up.

57:28 – The Miles & Pints Theme Song.


Brewery Address:

Talking Cursive Brewing Company

301 Erie Blvd W

Syracuse, NY 13202


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