Episode 12: Miles and Points with Pints (Part 1)

Today’s Guest: Miles and Points with Pints

We don’t have a guest on this episode of Miles & Pints. Instead, Jeff and Derrick are taking some time to discuss updates to credit card benefits and the latest Amazon promotions as we start the new year. You’ll hear what our favorite promos are, what we hope to see in the coming weeks, and maybe even learn about something you’ve missed. This recording went a little long, so catch the end of our conversation in Episode 12a.


Times of Note:

1:50 – What we’re drinking.

3:00 – The original location is in Herndon, VA.

4:09 – Credit card benefit updates.

5:44 – American Express card promos.

8:05 – How Jeff is using his Paypal Credit for January.

12:03 – Spencer has had lots of people sign up for the 6 month Paypal option.

18:12 – Miles & Pints on video?

25:05 – Citi card promos – Jeff has an odd reaction.

28:30 – Chase card promos – the good and the bad.

38:52 – Amazon promos have been great!

40:28 – Derrick got $40 per point in value!!!

43:39 – Hear the rest of the conversation in Episode 12a.

44:53 – The Miles & Pints Theme Song


Relevant Links:

Crux Fermentation Project – Gimme Mo IPA

Aslin Beer Company – Triple Orange Starfish TIPA



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