Episode 16: Dan Minner from Ellicottville Brewing Company (Part 1)

Today’s Guest: Dan Minner

Dan Minner has been working with Ellicottville Brewing Company for over 17 years, most of that time as their head brewer. His creativity, attention to detail, and overall skill with brewing have helped EBC to grow into the multi-location powerhouse that it is today. Known for their wide variety of quality brews, Dan talks to us about his personal background, how EBC has evolved during his time there, and some of the beers they are working on now and in the near future. Be sure to catch the conclusion of this interview in Episode 17.


Today’s Co-Host: Erik Coleman

Erik Coleman from Beer By Coleman was our guest on the podcast just a couple of episodes ago and he’s already worked his way up to co-hosting. Erik’s background in the western New York brewing scene made him the perfect choice to help interview Dan at EBC. 


Times of Note:

2:04 – Erik says hello.

2:30 – Dan dropping info right from the start.

2:50 – What we’re drinking.

6:35 – The pumpkin beer debate begins.

9:59 – We go way back to talk about Dan’s background before brewing.

13:25 – Dan joins Ellicottville Brewing Company as a bartender.

15:42 – After just a few years, Dan becomes head brewer.

18:56 – How Ellicottville Brewing Company has changed over the years.

24:03 – Loading docks help and it’s cold in New York!

25:25 – That’s a LOT of beer!!!

28:30 – Having lived in PA for several years, I fully agree with this.

29:27 – How EBC and their beers are connected to the local community.

34:16 – How does EBC decide what to brew?

39:23 – Beers that you can always find on tap at EBC.

43:21 – What’s coming out next from Ellicottville and Empire.

46:13 – Dan and the team are hoping to get back to the basics.

48:54 – What beers do the customers love but Dan doesn’t?

51:11  – The Miles & Pints Theme Song!

Brewery Address:

Ellicottville Brewing Company

28 Monroe St,

Ellicottville, NY 14731


EBC Tap + Bottle Taqueria

20 Washington St.,

Ellicottville, NY 14731


EBC Bemus Point (open seasonally)

57 Lakeside Dr,

Bemus Point, NY 14712


EBC West – Fredonia

34 W Main St,

Fredonia, NY 14063


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Holiday Valley Resort – Ellicottville, NY

The Beer Nut – Salt Lake City, UT

The Bayou – Beer Bar – Salt Lake City, UT


Southern Tier Brewing Company


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Facebook – Ellicottville Brewing

Instagram – @ellicottvillebrewing

Twitter – @EBCbrew


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