Episode 15 – Miles and Points with Pints

Today’s Guest: Miles and Points with Pints

No guest today on Miles & Pints. Instead, Jeff and Derrick are taking some time to discuss updates on credit card bonuses and welcome offers, the latest hotel and airline promos, what’s new in general travel restrictions, and sad news for cruising. Listen to see what you may have missed over the past few weeks in the world of travel rewards.


Times of Note:

1:42 – What we’re drinking.

4:15 – We start in on credit card updates, with Amex first.

8:40 – A quick tip for using your Amex dining credits.

10:26 – Jeff told everyone to do it and still messed it up himself.

13:05 – Be careful using mobile credits on Verizon – a tip to get around that.

19:16 – Chase just isn’t keeping up.

26:32 – Citi isn’t even trying.

29:30 – Brex shows up and they aren’t messing around.

35:36 – Updates from hotel loyalty programs.

36:14 – We all get #Bonvoyed by Marriott.

40:10 – Twitter might help you register.

40:25 – Hilton and IHG are the Citi of hotels – they just aren’t trying.

43:44 – Airline updates – Delta to block middle seats until the end of April.

46:32 – Southwest updates elite status, companion pass, and a great credit card offer.

50:15 – A few quick general travel updates.

54:51 – Free Covid tests before return to the US available in Mexico and the Caribbean.

57:37 – Our thoughts on Covid testing for domestic travel. 

58:57 – More bad news for the cruise industry.

1:04:43 – The Miles & Pints Theme Song!


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