Episode 14: Kim Tate from Stuffed Suitcase

Today’s Guest: Kim Tate

Kim Tate is a family travel expert who runs StuffedSuitcase.com and is a co-host of the Vacation Mavens podcast. Through her site, her podcast, and her social channels, Kim provides amazing information on travel destinations, including what to do, where to eat, where to stay, and how to get there. Add in the tips and tricks she provides for everything from packing and planning to saving on your trip, and you have an impressive one-stop resource for family travel.


Times of Note:

1:42 – Kim says Hi.

2:14 – What we’re drinking.

7:14 – Kim’s background and introduction to travel.

9:38 – Some quick Kansas City tourist tips.

11:02 – Travelling with kids.

13:35 – Kim’s professional background.

15:36 – Stuffed Suitcase is born – Kim started with a plan!

17:55 – We realize that Kim is smarter than us (not a shock).

18:55 – All about Stuffed Suitcase.

22:10 – Destinations look to Kim to share their stories.

27:19 – Get out of your bubble and stop comparing your trips to others!

30:04 – Kim has been podcasting for far longer than us.

35:56 – Derrick and Jeff need to like each other – uh-oh!

37:30 – The Wanderlist Book.

41:52 – Team Carry-On for the win!

46:43 – We start talking travel.

50:25 – Kim doesn’t need a butler at her hotel, Jeff and his kids do. 

53:00 – Jeff is the worst kid in his family.

55:30 – How the pandemic has affected Kim’s business and travel.

59:17 – Vampires!

1:00:27 – Kim’s favorite domestic destinations.

1:02:24 – Kim’s favorite international destinations.

1:06:56 – Kim’s recommendations for family travel this summer.

1:12:14 – Where Kim is escaping to post-pandemic.

1:14:48 – Where to find Kim and Stuffed Suitcase online.

1:17:23 – The Miles & Pints Theme Song!



Relevant Links:

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The Way Things Were American Pale Ale – Marlowe Artisanal Ales

Kat Matting – @katmanning

Bodhizafa IPA – Georgetown Brewing Company


Boulevard Brewing Company

American Jazz Museum

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum




National Parks Pass – 4th (and 5th) Grade Free



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