Episode 18: Eugenia Brown, aka Black Beer Chick

Today’s Guest: Eugenia Brown

Eugenia Brown has quickly become a well-respected influencer in the craft beer space. Known online as @BlackBeerChick, she also runs the account for @BlackGirlsDrinkBeerToo. Through her work with the Pink Boots Society and a personal project that is well on the way to certifying 100 women of color to work in the craft beer industry, Eugenia is constantly helping others to educate themselves and level up in the world of craft. Join us as we talk with Eugenia about her many projects, some of her favorite breweries in the Charlotte area, and do a little dreaming about where we’d all like to travel next for beer.

Times of Note:

1:42 – Derrick says hello.

2:00 – Eugenia says hi too.

2:27 – What we’re drinking.

8:07 – Eugenia’s background and where she is today.

9:21 – When Eugenia first got into craft beer.

12:14 – When the craft beer obsession began.

14:48 – Derrick points out why Eugenia is awesome.

16:58 – We all get tired of Hazy IPA – except Derrick.

20:28 – Jeff goes on a tangent about Italian food.

22:11 – Eugenia’s full-time and part-time jobs.

24:40 – The beers that Eugenia has brewed.

25:54 – She reads to her beers – that’s love!

27:01 – A beer submitted to GABF.

27:54 – Eugenia’s favorite breweries in the Charlotte area.

30:48 – Eugenia is a bad influence on us.

31:30 – How Black Beer Chick came to be.

34:51 – The next step – Road to 50 (or 100).

39:24 – How Eugenia raised money and then made it go farther.

44:13 – Brewing is science!

45:30 – We figured it out…she doesn’t sleep!

46:04 – The Pink Boots Society

51:13 – Jeff guesses wrong, but manages to get a Goonies reference in.

51:55 – Derrick shakes his head in shame (on a podcast).

52:25 – We start talking about travel for beer.

53:26 – Richmond, Virginia has a great beer scene.

56:48 – Beer road trips are the best!

58:02 – Eugenia’s dream beer jobs. 

59:30 – Portland, Oregon is top of Eugenia’s list for future trips.

1:05:32 – New and exciting projects we can look forward to.

1:08:22 – Where to find Eugenia and Black Beer Chick online.

1:11:49 – The Miles & Pints Theme Song!

Relevant Links:

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Pilot Brewing

Free Range Brewing

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Middle James Brewing Company

Town Brewing Company


Black is Beautiful Beer

Cicerone Certification Program


Give a Crap Challenge


Eugenia’s Links

Website – blackbeerchick.com

Instagram – @blackbeerchick

Instagram – @blackgirlsdrinkbeertoo

Facebook – Black Beer Chick

Pink Boots Society

All The Links


Travel On Point(s)

Website – travel-on-points.com

Facebook – Travel on Point(s)


Miles & Pints

Website – milesandpints.com

Store – Miles & Pints Swag

Facebook – Miles & Pints


Twitter – @MILESandPINTS

Instagram – @milesandpints

TikTok – @milesandpints

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