Episode 19: Dustin Waller from Waller’s Wallet

Today’s Guest: Dustin Waller

Dustin Waller is one of the few travel rewards experts who primarily uses video to teach others. Through his Youtube channel, Waller’s Wallet, Dustin explains the ins and outs of credit cards, miles and points, and basic personal finance in a way that’s informative and easy to understand. In this episode, we chat with Dustin about his background, his business, his love of travel, and of course, a little bit of beer too.


Times of Note:

1:41 – Dustin says hi.

2:14 – What we’re drinking.

4:00 – An overview of Dustin’s background before YouTube.

9:30 – Are 2-year-olds and teens the same?

10:10 – Dustin steps up to help with vaccinations.

12:53 – All about Waller’s Wallet.

14:08 – What made Dustin move from the pharmacy to YouTube?

19:39 – Do most people book through bank portals?

21:04 – Time vs. Value when booking awards.

22:10 – Booking struggles with Avianca – we all have them.

27:39 – Waller’s Wallet is expanding to add finance videos.

31:34 – Personal finance and credit card rewards overlap a lot.

32:56 – Cashing out points to fund retirement accounts.

35:47 – You can be Rich Rich, not just Points Rich!

36:00 – The behind-the-scenes info for Waller’s Wallet.

37:56 – Dustin’s equipment costs.

39:11 – The nicer the equipment, the better the results.

39:33 – Audio is more important – too bad Jeff’s is terrible in this episode (oops).

41:38 – Jeff’s “need” for a drone.

43:53 – No, you can’t see it!

44:19 – Dustin’s love/hate relationship with Chase.

50:00 – What we can expect to see going forward from Waller’s Wallet.

52:29 – We finally start talking about travel and beer.

57:37 – Dustin starts using miles and points for travel.

59:08 – Travel can be a shock and also totally addictive.

1:02:03 – A few controversial travel opinions.

1:05:20 – Dustin’s travel hopes for 2021.

1:06:05 – The year of expansion for Dustin!

1:06:58 – Will we get sponsored by Miller?

1:07:36 – Dustin’s favorite beer destinations.

1:10:15 – Save on travel? Buy more beer!

1:12:40 – Jeff and Dustin make plans to torture Derrick.

1:15:09 – Where to find Dustin and Waller’s Wallet online.

1:17:45 – The Miles & Pints Theme Song!


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Aslin Beer Company – Ticklish & Insecure


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