Episode 25: Stephanie Arbetter from Hilton Hotels

Today’s Guest: Stephanie Arbetter

Stephanie Arbetter has been involved with the travel industry since soon after leaving college and is now a Manager of Social Engagement for Hilton Hotels. Her love of travel has led her to live in Spain on two separate occasions and her love of food and drink has led her to plenty of fun evenings with Jeff and other friends in DC. Listen in as we learn about Stephanie’s background in the travel world and how she ended up working at Hilton. Check back next week for the conclusion of our interview to hear what Stephanie’s job entails, some of her favorite spots in the world, and how she likes to travel.



Times of Note:

2:21 – Stephanie says hello.

2:43 – What we’re drinking.

6:11 – Where we met and became drinking friends.

10:49 – Stephanie’s early years.

13:36 – Moving to DC to get into the travel industry.

15:40 – Brand USA – Stephanie’s first job in travel.

21:55 – Where Stephanie’s love of travel began.

23:33 – Study abroad in Spain – twice!

26:19 – Running with the Bulls – should we go?

28:33 – Stephanie always wants to come to Oktoberfest, but never actually does.

29:58 – We get a little bit real about the struggles of translating social media into marketing.

31:49 – Why not just pick up a master’s degree at Georgetown?

33:15 – Maple syrup is sexy!

37:12 – Working in social media for a hotel group – during a pandemic.

38:24 – Stephanie joins the team at Hilton.

38:49 – Disclaimer – Stephanie is representing herself and not Hilton on this show.

42:10 – We could have worked together and it would have been glorious…

42:36 – Or not…

44:30 – Come back next week for the conclusion of our interview with Stephanie.

44:54 – Miles and Pint with Points!

45:03 – Huge news from Capital One.

52:44 – Radisson Hotels Americas come in with a big devaluation.

58:54 – Hyatt announces a new Ziva property.

1:00:58 – Good news from Singapore Airlines.

1:03:07 – United announces new non-stop routes to open countries.

1:05:51 – Southwest Points Purchase Subscriptions – DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!

1:06:28 – Buy us a beer!

1:09:45 – US Department of State adds 80+ countries to the Do Not Travel List.

1:12:03 – France announces reopening plans.

1:13:44 – Some resources for great cash and award flight deals.

1:18:28 – The Miles & Pints Theme Song!



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