Episode 26: Stephanie Arbetter from Hilton Hotels (Conclusion)

Today’s Guest: Stephanie Arbetter

After setting her sights on the world of travel early in her career, Stephanie Arbetter has worked her way up to being a Manager of Social Engagement for Hilton Hotels. In today’s episode, we learn about how Stephanie got her job at Hilton, what she does there, her personal travel style, and some of her favorite spots in the world. This episode is the conclusion of our interview with Stephanie, so if you missed this first part, go back and listen to Episode 25 too.

As a special treat, we have a former guest, Dustin Waller from Waller’s Wallet, filling in for Derrick on the Miles and Points with Pints segment. Dustin and Jeff go over everything you need to know in the travel rewards space this week.


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We’re traveling this week and low on time, so these parts will be updated when we can after we get back home.


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