Episode 27: Mike Dixon from The Great Lost Bear


Today’s Guest: Mike Dickson

Mike Dickson joined the team at The Great Lost Bear back in 1985 and ever since then, he has been helping one of the greatest beer bars in the world bring all of the best craft beers to the residents and visitors of Portland, Maine. Mike was there at the beginning of the craft beer movement in America and he sits down to talk with us about how things started at The Great Lost Bear, how things have changed over time and through the pandemic, and how they manage to choose which of the amazing Portland beers to put on tap. 


The Great Lost Bear

540 Forest Ave

Portland, ME 04101

Times of Note:

1:50 – Mike says hello.

2:20 – What we’re drinking.

4:29 – A brief history of Mike’s career in beer and before.

6:15 – The birth of craft beer in Maine.

10:34 – How The Great Lost Bear grew physically.

12:13 – The employees never leave!

12:52 – We met his daughter after finishing up the recording. So cool to see families continuing the tradition.

14:27 – More and more and more and more taps.

15:21 – The beers that started The Great Lost Bear.

17:00 – How they pick which beers to have on tap.

19:35 – We discover why this is Derrick’s happy place.

23:54 – The five top-selling Maine beers at GLB.

28:45 – Managing a beer bar during a pandemic.

32:52 – Beer and baked goods delivery – do we have the next big idea?

37:29 – Kegs getting switched out – the hazards of recording during pre-opening.

40:15 – Come back next week for the rest of the interview!

40:30 – Miles and Points with Pints.

41:25 – Chase Sapphire Preferred – 80k still.

42:43 – New month – use your Amex credits!

45:17 – New increased Choice credit card offer – two nights at an all-inclusive?

48:29 – Jeff’s sneaky plan to get back in at Capital One.

52:07 – Jeff’s rewarding weekend stay with Hyatt’s promos.

56:38 – Hilton adds 150k redemption level.

59:23 – Marriott adds a Category 5 Maldives hotel – use those certs!

1:03:55 – Rental car problems are getting better.

1:05:12 – Uber and Lyft are still terrible.

1:09:15 – Richard Kerr leaves The Points Guy effective immediately.

1:10:56 – European countries continuing to move towards opening for Americans.

1:12:28 – Oktoberfest officially canceled for 2021.

1:16:03 – The Miles & Pints Theme Song!

Relevant Links:

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Orono Brewing Company – Tubular IPA

Hidden Cove Brewing Company – Beachfront Blueberry Lager


Geary Brewing Company

Shipyard Brewing Company

Samuel Adams Boston Brewery


The Top Five Beers at GLB:

Allagash White

Maine Beer Company – Lunch IPA

Bissell Brothers Brewing – The Substance Ale

Orono Brewing Company – Tubular IPA

Battery Steele Brewing Company – Flume Double IPA


Preservation Biscuit Company – Falls Church, VA

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