Episode 28: Mike Dixon from The Great Lost Bear (Conclusion)

Today’s Guest: Mike Dixon

This week we have the conclusion of our interview with Mike Dixon from The Great Lost Bear in Portland, Maine. In this episode, Mike draws from his 35+ years of experience to share some of his guesses about the future of craft beer as we come out of the pandemic, we get a few of his recommendations of where to travel for great beer, and we even learn what Mike pours for himself when it’s time to relax at the end of a long day. If you missed the first part of our interview with Mike, be sure to go back and check out Episode 27.



The Great Lost Bear

540 Forest Ave

Portland, ME 04101



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Times of Note:

1:56 – Our Sponsor – Beer By Coleman

2:39 – A look back at how 2020 worked at The Great Lost Bear.

3:33 – Strange rules for buying alcohol.

5:30 – Wait, what kind of wings?

9:11 – What was it like managing The Great Lost Bear during a pandemic?

12:49 – The special relationship between GLB and Allagash Brewing.

15:15 – The triangle of awesome beer in Portland.

17:38 – Not a fact!

18:17 – Some of the beer celebrities who have come to visit the GLB.

20:50 – Mike’s thoughts on a craft beer bubble.

22:21 – Belleflower Brewing – worth a visit! (we loved it)

23:36 – What to expect from the Portland brewing scene.

28:55 – Should Jeff listen to Derrick more often?

29:32 – Mike’s favorite spots in the US to travel for beer.

33:33 – Planning the perfect Europe festival itinerary.

35:53 – What is Mike pouring himself at the end of the day?

36:42 – Where to find The Great Lost Bear online.

37:48 – Miles and Points with Pints!

38:08 – New Altitude Connect Card.

41:32 – Crazy high targeted credit card offers from Amex and Chase.

46:48 – Upgraded offers from Chase mybonus – check your cards.

48:47 – Jeff discovers something amazing when organizing his credit cards.

52:10 – A cool opportunity from Days Inn.

54:00 – TWA hotel adds some crazy fees.

58:21 – Great Delta award sale to Alaska.

1:00:07 – Delta asks for volunteers to clean Sky Clubs – what?!?

1:02:12 – American adds fuel stops due to shortage in the southeast.

1:04:33 – Jeff is fully vaccinated!!! (so is his son)

1:05:41 – Travel to Australia may not return until mid-2022.

1:07:56 – Car rental rates are skyrocketing – check rates before booking travel.

1:09:55 – Uber adds rental cars in the app.

1:12:23 – Priority Pass adds over 250 new locations.

1:17:25 – Shout out to Travel on Points!

1:19:08 – The Miles & Pints Theme Song.



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