Episode 31: Marty Dougherty from B-Chord Brewing

Today’s Guest: Marty Dougherty from B-Chord Brewing

Marty Dougherty is the owner and head brewer at B-Chord Brewing Company in Round Hill, Virginia. After retiring from the world of IT, Marty used his savings to pursue two of his creative passions, beer and music. In doing so, he’s created a fantastic music venue with freshly brewed beer, and it’s the perfect place to enjoy an evening or maybe even a whole weekend. Learn how the brewery was founded, how it’s grown into what it is today, and how Covid forced the music side of the business to grow and adapt. Be sure to catch the conclusion of the interview next week in Episode 32.

Brewery Address:

B-Chord Brewing Company

34266 Williams Gap Road 

Round Hill, VA 20141

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Times of Note:

1:39 – Our Sponsor – Visit Loudoun and the LoCo Ale Trail

2:48 – Marty says hello.

3:03 – What we’re drinking.

5:22 – Marty’s background before brewing.

8:22 – Is moving from tech to beer a natural transition?

11:18 – Some of the obstacles Marty had to overcome when trying to open.

16:01 – They used his own ISP against him.

17:41 – How does B-Chord today compare to the original vision?

19:40 – How Loudoun County is changing and growing.

24:50 – It’s really an hour…Derrick must drive fast!

26:16 – The music at B-Chord – how it happened.

30:56 – Music moved outside to deal with Covid.

32:10 – Bigger acts meant a bigger stage.

34:20 – It’s important to keep the neighbors happy.

36:00 – How they choose the music.

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