Episode 32: Marty Dougherty from B-Chord Brewing (Conclusion)

Today’s Guest: Marty Dougherty from B-Chord Brewing

Marty Dougherty is the owner and head brewer at B-Chord Brewing Company in Round Hill, Virginia. During the pandemic, he’s managed to take advantage of the outdoor space available at their location to create an amazing outdoor concert venue that is pulling in national acts. They’re even planning to add on an 18-hole disc golf course this summer. We chat with Marty about how he decides what to brew, how the concerts actually help function as crowd control, and even some of his favorite spots for beer.  If you missed Episode 31, go back and listen to that first, as that’s the start of our conversation with Marty.

Brewery Address:

B-Chord Brewing Company

34266 Williams Gap Road 

Round Hill, VA 20141

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Times of Note:

1:32 – Our Sponsor! – Visit Loudoun and the LoCo Ale Trail

2:34 – Marty talks about how they chose what beers to make.

4:57 – Derrick brings this up as often as he can.

6:06 – Marty predicts we will see more food at breweries going forward.

7:30 – Real Ginger Ale wasn’t a big hit.

9:27 – Does yeast respond to music and make better beer?

10:06 – B-Chord is very unique!

12:01 – What’s coming soon to B-Chord.

16:08 – What does Marty pour at the end of a long day?

17:14 – How has B-Chord changed during the pandemic and as we exit?

20:30 – Marty’s predictions for craft beer in the DC area.

22:52 – Ticketed musical events help with crowd control.

25:01 – Places in the US that Marty likes for craft beer.

27:30 – Marty likes to stay home and enjoy his beer and music.

29:38 – Beer and music festivals that Marty is looking forward to.

33:28 – Miles & Points with Pints!

34:15 – But first, a shout out to Falling Rock Tap House.

36:06 – The 100K CSP offer!!!!! – as of recording, this wasn’t available through referral, but as of release, it is! 

37:51 – Our take on the Point Debit Card (referral below if you want one)

41:42 – Some end-of-quarter/end-of-the-month reminders.

44:33 – BILT Rewards and the BILT Mastercard – a game changer! 

55:44 – American Air is short of pilots and canceling lots of flights.

59:59 – What it’s like to travel to NYC right now.

1:09:36 – The Miles & Pints Theme Song!

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