Episode 34: Richard Kerr from Bilt Rewards (Conclusion)

Today’s Guest: Richard Kerr from Bilt Rewards

After sharing his background and the exciting new things he’s doing with Bilt Rewards in our last episode, we get a bit more personal with Richard Kerr this week. We’ll talk about some of Richard’s favorite award redemptions, a few spots he thinks you need to see, and a little bit about how he picks what beer to have with dinner when he’s traveling. If you missed last week’s episode, be sure to check that out for the first half of our interview with Richard.



Times of Note:

1:19 – We get into Richard’s travel style.

4:08 – Let’s go travel!

5:42 – Jeff’s wife thinks he has the same problem.

7:37 – Richard’s favorite redemption ever.

10:24 – Start slow or you’ll always want to fly up front.

11:50 – Skipping the military charter to fly in style.

13:37 – Richard’s favorite airline experiences.

14:08 – A crazy experience with Air India first class.

19:50 – Building a worldwide network of friends is an amazing benefit of travel.

24:12 – Coors Light and other things Richard likes to drink.

28:42 – Travel for festivals and Richard is a bi of an introvert?

31:07 – Richard’s most interesting award redemption.

38:20 – A couple of places that Richard thinks everyone needs to see.

42:18 – Where to find Richard and Bilt Rewards online.

43:43 – Miles and Points with Pints!

44:40 – Citi Premier all-time high 80k offer.

50:32 – Rumored changes for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Reserve.

1:03:45 – Updates on the Point Debit Card.

1:05:24 – The new Hyatt Bonus Journeys promo.

1:07:20 – Hilton drops housekeeping unless requested.

1:10:07 – No elite lounge access at Hilton’s new Signia brand.

1:12:02 – A very targeted Marriott promo.

1:13:51 – A Delta award fare sale to Central America.

1:15:11 – US blocks flights to Belarus.

1:16:48 – A very flexible change policy from Virgin Atlantic.

1:20:15 – The Tennessee On Me promo might be useful to some.

1:23:40 – Hawaii removes testing and quarantine requirements for vaccinated travelers.

1:24:46 – US travel is still a mess – try international instead?

1:28:51 – The Miles & Pints Theme Song!



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