Episode 35: Em Sauter from Pints and Panels

Today’s Guest: Em Sauter

Em Sauter has a master’s degree in cartooning, is one of only 142 Advanced Cicerones, and is the artist behind Pints and Panels. While working on her second book and studying for the Master Cicerone exam, Em somehow finds the time to put out a new piece of visual beer education every single day. From learning the difference between hops to discovering what foods and activities will pair best with your beers, Pints and Panels has it all. Em has even created a visual syllabus for each of the Cicerone training courses. Be sure to listen to next week’s episode as well, to catch the end of our conversation with Em and hear about her travels and favorite beer festivals.



Times of Note:

2:01 – Em says hello.

2:33 – What we’re drinking.

5:15 – Em’s life before Pints and Panels.

6:21 – We learn how close to amazing beer destinations Em is.

8:48 – How Pints and Panels came to be.

12:31 – The best part about beer is sharing.

13:10 – When Em discovered craft beer.

14:47 – Beer in a can?!?

18:32 – Hard Seltzers – Love ‘em or hate ‘em?

21:01 – Em decided to go the route of beer education.

27:48 – What is the benefit of being a Master or Advanced Cicerone?

32:54 – Even this class wouldn’t help Jeff.

37:00 – Montana vacation goals.

38:32 – An overview of what Pints and Panels is doing.

41:51 – Education should be accessible.

42:32 – Miles and Points with Pints!

43:00 – The Citi Premier 80k Offer comes with a catch.

51:44 – Some great Amex No Lifetime Language offers.

54:19 – Amex gives away some of the new benefits of the Platinum Card.

1:00:50 – NYT Digital is on special for $4 per month for the first year.

1:01:40 – The 100k Capital One Venture offer ends on 7/19.

1:03:18 – American Airlines and Hyatt announce status match challenges.

1:07:40 – American ends Reduced Mileage Awards.

1:11:06 – JetBlue Mint now bookable with Emirates miles!

1:12:51 – Will we be able to use Virgin miles for a trip to space?????

1:15:16 – Italy declares the waters around Venice a national monument.

1:18:03 – Ireland to open on July 19th to vaccinated Americans.

1:20:05 – ToP and STTP meetup in DC on 7/17!

1:24:37 – The Miles & Pints Theme Song!



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