Episode 36: Em Sauter from Pints and Panels (Conclusion)

Today’s Guest: Em Sauter

Em Sauter is back this week to talk about the business side of Pints and Panels, her favorite beer festivals to judge and to drink at, and the best places she’s seen while traveling. Hear why Em thinks Chicago has the best beer scene in America, learn a few tips for surviving an all-day beer festival, and be the first to hear where you can meet us at a beer festival later this year. If you missed the first half of our interview with Em, be sure to go back and listen to Episode 35 too!



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Times of Note:

1:41 – Our Sponsor! – Beer By Coleman

2:14 – We jump right back into things with Em.

3:44 – How Pints and Panels makes money.

6:04 – Pints and Panels is international.

7:25 – Derrick does a bit of bragging for Em.

9:05 – Wait, brewed with what?!?

11:29 – Sam Adams White Ale is a gateway beer.

13:27 – Em talks about so many Fox Farm beers that we need to schedule a trip there.

15:36 – There’s good beer everywhere! – Em sums up Miles & Pints.

18:08 – Is Australia really British Texas?

21:49 – Are judging and speaking requests picking up yet?

23:21 – Ouch, that’s a cancellation that hurts.

25:23 – Now, that’s a great tour!

27:02 – Em declares Chicago the best beer scene in America.

29:04 – Some of Em’s favorite places in the world.

32:22 – How even the dive bars roll in Belgium.

34:18 – This sounds like a great kind of happy hour!

35:35 – Em’s favorite beer festivals to drink at and to judge.

37:46 – Come join us at Snallygaster!

38:53 – Sports and beer in other countries.

43:23 – Can we get Em to join us at Oktoberfest?

44:20 – Where to find Em and Pints and Panels online.

45:31 – Miles and Points with Pints!

45:49 – The new Chase Slate Edge.

50:10 – CSP and CSR offer updates.

51:44 – Some good news about Citi Premier approvals!

55:59 – Citi ThankYou points now transfer to American Airlines.

58:37 – Targeted upgraded offers from American Express.

1:02:09 – Points sales from a couple of hotel programs.

1:07:48 – 3x on 2+ night stays at Hyatt promo is live.

1:08:28 – 30% transfer bonus from Amex MR to Flying Blue.

1:10:44 – Another option to use points to get to space?

1:13:05 – Canada opens to vaccinated Americans on August 9th.

1:15:46 – Iceland will require negative Covid tests even when vaccinated.

1:17:10 – Passport applications and renewals taking up to 18 weeks.

1:18:59 – Ireland to open indoor service at restaurants and pubs starting 7/26.

1:19:40 – No Miles and Points with Pints updates segment next week.

1:21:38 – The Miles & Pints Theme Song!



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