Episode 37: Patrick Steffens from Lost Barrel Brewing

Today’s Guest: Patrick Steffens from Lost Barrel Brewing

Patrick Steffens does more than just head up the beer production at Lost Barrel Brewing, he’s also the general manager and a part of the ownership team. Excited to return to brewing after taking some time off for family, Patrick has jumped right back in with proven recipes and a whole lot of prior brewing knowledge. We talk with him about his background, how Lost Barrel came to be, and a bit about the beers they are making. Be sure to join us again next week for the conclusion of our interview.


Brewery Address:

Lost Barrel Brewing

36138 John Mosby Hw

Middleburg, VA 20117


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Times of Note:
1:38 – Our Sponsor – Visit Loudoun and the LoCo Ale Trail.
2:56 – Patrick says hello.
4:40 – What we’re drinking.
6:24 – The beers are timing themselves for our visits!
10:18 – A bit about the Lost Barrel Brewing property.
11:28 – Patrick’s background before Lost Barrel.
14:30 – The first step from homebrewing to a commercial brewery.
15:32 – Patrick connects with the Lost Barrel ownership team.
18:08 – The Lost Barrel beers were a terrific surprise.
19:20 – How the owners decided on the location for Lost Barrel Brewing.
22:54 – We’ve heard this from many people in Loudoun County.
24:49 – Our podcast guests are smarter than us.
26:45 – The details of the purpose built hospitality property at Lost Barrel.
30:54 – The number of event spaces at Lost Barrel is impressive!
34:16 – They partner with an executive chef for amazing food.
36:09 – It was REALLY hard to get Derrick to leave before this happened.
36:51 – How Patrick and Lost Barrel choose what to brew next.
39:48 – People love to try lots of new beers!
41:47 – And some people like the same beer over and over.
43:01 – How much emphasis does Lost Barrel put on reviews and ratings?
48:04 – The Miles & Pints Theme Song!


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