Episode 39 – Brian Burton from Hop and Sting (Episode 5 Replay)

Today’s Guest: Brian Burton from Hop and Sting Brewing Company

In 2014, after a 12-year career as a marine biologist in Alaska, Brian Burton made the move to Texas and almost immediately began brewing beer. Just a few years later, Brian got together with brewing friend and business partner John Powell, and a short time later they opened Hop and Sting Brewing Company in Grapevine, Texas. The brewery and taproom is less than 10 minutes from DFW and is a great place to relax and enjoy a layover. Since Jeff and Derrick are both traveling this week, enjoy this replay of Episode 5 from back in May of 2019.



Times of Note:

3:40 – Brian says hi!

7:30 – Brian meets Jon and the idea for Hop and Sting is born.

8:30 – What it takes to get a job in Alaska.

13:30 – A fire hydrant kills the plan.

18:24 – Hop and Sting’s first beer – Galactic Haze.

21:06 – Grapevine offers to sell.

22:19 – Sir William’s Brown Ale, 2-Time GABF medal winner.

23:32 – DFW layover tips!

27:21 – A commitment to service since day one – charity taps.

30:18 – Changing the water to fit the style.

31:51 – Texas to-go rules are crazy strict! (laws have changed for the better since this recording)

39:33 – Mexico for Cinco de Mayo – perfect for families!

41:33 – Brian’s favorites in Mexico.

43:13 – Brian’s beer location recommendations in the US.

47:40 – Beers Brian isn’t a fan of.

49:24 – Friendly or buzzed?

53:06 – Where to find Hop and Sting.

55:41 – The Miles and Pints Theme Song.



Brewery Address:

Hop and Sting Brewing Company

906 Jean St

Grapevine, TX 76051



Relevant Links:

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Turning Point Beer

Celestial Beerworks

Union Bear Brewing Company

Grapevine Beer and Wine



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