Episode 40 – Stu Clemons from Find My Food Stu

Today’s Guest: Stu Clemons from Find My Food Stu

Stu Clemons is the researcher, producer, and talent behind Find My Food Stu, where he shows us all the most unique food and drink spots in every place he visits. From tacos in Playa del Carmen to cocktails in Prague, Stu always manages to find the best spots and happily shares them with his viewers. In this episode, we talk about Stu’s background, how Find My Food Stu came to be, and a bit about the amazing foods he’s found while traveling. Be sure to tune in next week to hear the conclusion of our conversation and learn where Stu’s favorite places in the world are. 


Times of Note:

1:36 – Stu says hello.

2:08 – Congratulations!!!!!

3:02 – What we’re drinking.

5:08 – How Stu and Jeff know each other.

6:35 – Stu’s background and early years.

8:49 – Stu gets into film and moves to NYC.

10:19 – Stu starts making videos on his own.

12:30 – How 60 Seconds with Stu was born.

15:01 – Starting slow with travel videos.

17:37 – The process Stu uses for making his videos.

20:11 – Beer is valuable!

22:23 – Each place Stu features has something unique.

24:24 – What kind of research happens prior to a trip?

28:58 – How is Stu able to spend so much time traveling?

30:56 – A trip to Pilsen changed Stu’s business.

35:03 – Traveling with points and miles people can be a challenge.

37:50 – Stu rebrands to Find My Food Stu.

41:24 – Miles and Points with Pints!

41:50 – CSP and CSR benefits updates.

54:59 – Chase Hyatt Card changes benefits and adds a promo.

1:00:22 – Citi Premier bonus remains at 80,000 points.

1:03:28 – Amex RAT is at it again.

1:06:43 – Curve Card is coming to the US.

1:11:03 – Hyatt announced they are acquiring Apple Leisure Group.

1:15:04 – Singapore Krisflyer launches family pooling.

1:17:19 – Spirit airlines is still struggling from their system outage.

1:18:53 – Federal mask mandate extended to January 18th.

1:20:02 – Germany only allowing vaccinated Americans to visit.

1:20:41 – Flash sales and low domestic prices are coming back.

1:23:42 – The Miles & Pints Theme Song!


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